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Publisher's Note -

As I have watched Reston grow over the past 20 years, I wanted to contribute more to this special community. I wanted to be a part of the exciting change! Having a background in publishing, I thought area residents might find LOCALIZED special interest print publications enjoyable especially if they were delivered direct to their homes for FREE and if they offered information and resources they could use.

     While I realize the internet has changed the print environment, I know that it's pretty convenient to have a portable version of ready resources to flip through as needed. It's also fun to learn more about happenings around Reston and see photos of your friends! Direct Mail has seen a resurgence.  So, I said, "What's the worst that could happen?" and here we are --- Unique, local special interest print publications delivered to a home near you.....most likely yours!

     We celebrate our 2 year anniversary with the Winter/Spring 2016 edition. We continue to grow at a rapid rate. Advertiser renewal rate is extremely high. Readers anticipate the arrival of the latest copy of Around Reston in their mail!  I can not be more excited! 

     If Robert E. Simon, founder of Reston, had not taken risks, we would not have a place called Reston!  Blow caution to the wind, take chances, be bold, oh, and one more thing....enjoy 'AROUND RESTON'!    Thank you to all the advertisers who make Around Reston Magazine possible!  And thank you to the readers who inspire us!